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Lex van Delden with the score of his first (choral) symphony De Stroom – Mei 1940 (The River – May 1940), about 1953Lex van Delden with the score of his first (choral) symphony De Stroom – Mei 1940 (The River – May 1940), about 1953
From left to right Lex van Delden, Marius Flothuis and son-in-law Pasqualino Versari, in Italy
Wedding day of Lex van Delden with Jettie van Dijk, August 14, 1946
Recht Boomsloot 33, the house with the red lion, where the young family Zwaap lived with grandma Schoontje Olivier-Waas
Veenhuizen where his first hiding was in the youth prison camp with Jan and Eefje van de Linde, a teaching couple and good friends of his parents. His room was top right.
Jettie van Dijk and Lex van Delden with their son Lex and their daughter Bertie, 1949
Lex van Delden with youngest son Thijs 1984
Presentation of the Grand Music Prize of the city of Amsterdam in 1948, for his composition Rùbaiyàt for mixed choir with soprano and mixed choir, two pianos and percussion, by councilor de Roos
Lex van Delden
Lex van Delden is the point on the J of Ajax at the opening of the Ajax Stadium De Meer in 1934
From left to right Lex van Delden, the harpist Phia Berghout and the flutist Hubert Bahrwahser after the performance of van Delden’s Duo per Flauto ed Arpa during the ISCM festival in Salzburg, 25 June 1952
Performance during celebration of freedom 1945
For me, this was the beginning of several years of intensive collaboration with Lex. At about the same time, we also performed an extremely primitive dance performance a squaty stage on the schoolyard of the van Dongeschool, to celebrate the liberation with children of the South. Lex played a mimic role of old in this dear, as a partner of Lizzy Demmenie. This unpretentious spectacle, called the Magic Flute, was performed by a group of dancers and students with all the joy that animated us at the time and accompanied by Coby Lankester. On that afternoon we decided to continue performing enthusiastically for children. The seed was scattered, a few months later Scapino was born. Hans Snoek
Lex van Delden as chief of art at the editorial staff of Het Parool, in the former Telegraaf building on Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, 1951
Lex van Delden with his parents Wolf and Sara Zwaap-Olivier, Zandvoort 1922
Lex van Delden with his mother, Sara Zwaap-Olivier
Graduation party of the Vossius Gymnasium, June 1938. Lex van Delden is the boy with the long raincoat and the billboard
Lex van Delden at the piano, circa 1930
Lex van Delden in his regular seat in the ‘Grote Zaal’ (Large Hall) of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, 1982 (photo George Verberne)
Lex van Delden 1953
Lex van Delden
Lex van Delden
Lex van Delden