This page about the composer Lex van Delden was commissioned by the Lex van Delden Foundation in the nineties.

It was part of the campaign to increase the general knowledge of the work and life of the composer. The general information is provided by his son Lex van Delden Jr. (the actor) and the articles from “Het Parool” have been collected in what is now the National Archives in The Hague. The articles were collected up to and including 1951. Unfortunately, it never happened to complete this collection.

Since the death of Lex van Delden Jr. the foundation has been dissolved. On the initiative of Bertie van Delden (daughter of the composer) and the flautist Eleonore Pameijer, an old backup of the website was replaced, and a more modern version of the old information was made.

Because the foundation has since been discontinued, there is no longer a clear contact person. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the guestbook or use the contact form.

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